APRIL 2009

Welcome to the first edition of our Breastfeeding Success / South Jersey Babies Newsletter. Both of our web sites promote Healthy Babies and Families in Southern New Jersey. Through the newsletter I hope to keep interested parents current on the latest information on our web sites and the latest information on breastfeeding research and parenting resources on the Internet and elsewhere. I also would love to share stories and ideas about great things to do, places to go or things to try with babies. If you have ideas for articles or questions you would like to share or discuss, feel free to email them to me. Pictures of your South Jersey babies, first names only are welcome for the site. Give me your feedback, tell your friends to sign up, ideas for the sites are welcome - let's make this grow just like our babies. - Karen Kurtz, IBCLC - editor

Earth Day

Thank you to all of you who visited our booth at Earth Day at Washington Lake Park. I meet a lot of moms-to-be, breastfeeding moms, people who knew expectant moms, health care workers and just some people who learned a little more then they knew previously about breastfeeding. If you want to read a great article about how breastfeeding is good for the environment go to: Breastfeeding and the Environment.

Our winner of the baby basket from Earth Day was entered by her mother who stopped by our booth. Kathie is expecting her 2nd and 3rd children in May. Congratulations!

Class Highlights

Are you getting ready to breastfeed or know someone who is?

Our classes increase chances for a smooth start.

Our Breastfeeding Basics teaches the latest theories in natural positioning and latch to make breastfeeding simple the way nature intended. The class also helps you understand the physiology of breastfeeding, how to maximize milk production, red flags that require a Lactation Consult and more. To learn about all our classes and packages to help you succeed in breastfeeding visit our class page at

Looking for Articles and Suggestions for Great Links

South Jersey Babies is a site designed to fill a niche for those looking for healthy, holistic ways to raise their Southern New Jersey baby. Added this month is an article "Getting Ready for your Southern New Jersey Baby" and a link for Non-Toxic Tots. Non-Toxic Tots aims to provide safer, more eco-friendy alternatives to many of the items marketed for young children. Toys, clothing and more. Check them out. If you have more ideas for links or would like to write an article for us, please email me.

It seems every week there are great new articles based on the latest research in the fields of parenting and breastfeeding.

This article is a wonderful rebuttal to some not so great breastfeeding publicity lately.

Case Closed: Breast Is Best
Issue 154 - May/June 2009
by Peggy O'Mara, Editor and Publisher

Yesterday I received an e-mail, signed "Wavering Somewhat," from the nursing mom of a 26-month-old daughter. The mom had read Hanna Rosin's "The Case Against Breast-Feeding," an article published in the April 2009 issue of The Atlantic Monthly, and was now questioning the benefits of breastfeeding over formula. Rosin's article, and an interview with her on The Today Show (March 16, 2009)—in which NBC News chief medical editor Nancy Snyderman, MD, said, "Formula is wonderful"—divide women by mocking our national health goals and defaming breastfeeding.



This article is great for these difficult economic times.

Nursing by Numbers: How Breastfeeding Boosts the National Economy
By Olivia Campbell
Web Exclusive, April 2009

Forget about retail therapy, breastfeeding is an economic stimulator that's completely free. According to USDA research, infant formula-feeding exacts a toll on national pocketbooks.

"Breastfeeding and the provision of breastmilk exclusively for the first 6 months? promises the United States improved health of both its citizens and its economy," the US Breastfeeding Committee said in response to the USDA report.

Most people understand how nursing benefits baby's health and parent's finances, yet few people realize the extent to which breastfeeding benefits the mother's health and how this all spells savings for the entire nation.





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