December 2009

I am running a little late this month, I have to brag a little. My son, a senior in High School, wrote, directed and produced a musical that premiered at their school last week. It was amazing but in the weeks before we all pitched in finding costume pieces, props, driving, etc. We referred to the show as mom's Hanukah present as he wouldn't let any of us read the script ahead of time so other then a few snippets of the music we didn't know much of what was to happen. It was well worth the wait and meet with an incredibly positive reception and not just from us! (if you want to hear more there will be clips on-line soon, just email me) So I hope you someday get a present from your child or children that is this special but in the meantime enjoy whatever Holidays you may be celebrating and have a fantastic year in 2010 with your families.

So what's new for South Jersey Babies / Breastfeeding Success in 2010. Besides offering classes at Omni Well Center in Gibbsboro, I now am able to do office visits there for those who would prefer not to have a home lactation visit. I have also teamed up with some friends to offer a seminar for newly pregnant parents, see all the information below.

We are still running our special offers for Gift Certificates in honor of our 1st Anniversary in Business. They  make great Holiday or Baby Shower gifts for loved ones who are expecting babies in the coming year.

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Choices in Pregnancy, Birth and Baby Care
Helping you create a personal plan for the first through fourth trimesters.

Get answers to questions like:

  • Where should I have my baby?
  • Doctor or Midwife?
  • Do I need a Doula?
  • How do I choose a Pediatrician?
  • Are all those Baby products really necessary?
  • How do I care for and feed my baby?
  • What classes should I take?
  • What Community resources exist?
  • Why does everyone tell me something different?
Join our team of Experienced team of Childbirth educators, doulas and breastfeeding counselors for this Seminar to help you navigate your pregnancy, birth and beyond.

Sponsored by:  The Better Birth Network ( and Karen Kurtz, IBCLC (
Date: Thursday, January 14, 2010
Time: 7:00PM - 8:00PM
Location: Holistic Living Studio
    34 S. Delsea Dr. Ste 3
    Glassboro, NJ
Cost: $15 a person or $25 per couple

Please RSVP no later then January 10th - RSVP

Also February 11th at OmniWell Center, Gibbsboro

More dates and locations soon or contact us with your interest. The seminar could also be presented for your group at your location.

In honor of our January 1st One Year Anniversary we are running some Holiday Season Specials
now through January 31st 2010.

All Gift Certificates will be mailed to your billing address or the address of your choice after payment is received.

Purchase a $25.00 Gift Certificate that can be used for any of our Scheduled Group Classes (a $30 value) or $25.00 off any of our other services. With your purchase you will receive a second $5.00 gift certificate FREE to be used toward any of our services.  The $5.00 gift certificate makes a great Holiday card insert for pregnant women during the Holiday season or any other time.

Purchase a $125.00 Gift Certificate good for a postpartum in home consult or private in home class (within 25 miles of Turnersville, NJ) and receive a FREE $25.00 gift certificate for a Schedule Group Class or to be applied toward any other of our services. 

To order these Specials or a Gift Certificate for Breastfeeding Success in the denomination of your choice go to:

Breastfeeding Success Classes

Sunday, January 10th
OmniWellCenter - Location Details
5:15 - 5:45 Meet the Lactation Consultant

6:00 - 7:30PM - Breastfeeding Basics
7:45 - 9:15PM -  Breastfeeding Success
Register Now


Every Month we try to link to articles from the latest research and news on Pregnancy and Breastfeeding, like the ones below..

If you haven't been reading our newsletter on line each month go back and see what you have missed.

If you read a great article be sure to email it to me so I can review it for possible inclusion in an upcoming letter.

New HIV recommendations to improve health, reduce infections and save lives were put out by the World Health Organization. They change what has been common knowledge in developed countries where HIV positive mothers have been told they should not breastfeed.

Preventing mother-to-child transmission and improving child survival

In 2006, WHO recommended that ARVs be provided to HIV-positive pregnant women in the third trimester (beginning at 28 weeks) to prevent mother-to-child transmission of HIV. At the time, there was insufficient evidence on the protective effect of ARVs during breastfeeding. Since then, several clinical trials have shown the efficacy of ARVs in preventing transmission to the infant while breastfeeding. The 2009 recommendations promote the use of ARVs earlier in pregnancy, starting at 14 weeks and continuing through the end of the breastfeeding period.

WHO now recommends that breastfeeding continue until the infant is 12 months of age, provided the HIV-positive mother or baby is taking ARVs during that period. This will reduce the risk of HIV transmission and improve the infant's chance of survival.

"In the new recommendations, we are sending a clear message that breastfeeding is a good option for every baby, even those with HIV-positive mothers, when they have access to ARVs," said Daisy Mafubelu, WHO's Assistant Director General for Family and Community Health.

To read all the recommendations

I thought about how this may make readers who have had a c-section feel, but decided to link to this hoping they can help others avoid unnecessary c-sections. To learn more about that go to

C-Sections Cause Infertility or Emotional Trauma for 1 in 3 Women by Danelle Frisbie

"When doctors and mothers assess the risks of cesareans, they generally only think about what the risks are at that time and ignore the impact they might have five years down the line," says Dr. James Walker, who recently led a study on the long term implications of cesarean section. "Neither the medical profession nor women themselves realize the extent of the long-term problems cesarean sections can cause."'




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