January 2010

First, Happy New Year! It's hard to believe it's been a year since I launched these endeavors. Things haven't taken off in the way I hoped but are growing steadily and I hope this year will be great business growth and more new ideas for promoting healthy parenting in Southern New Jersey.

As I was getting ready to for this month's newsletter I felt compelled to add to the South Jersey Babies' blog for the first time in a while. I have been really frustrated lately by each mom I have encountered who was told the solution to her breastfeeding problem was to "just give formula". Besides all the other consequences of giving up on breastfeeding, those making the suggestion rarely think of the financial consequences for the family. In these difficult economic times it can be devastating to be spending extra hundreds of dollars on an unnecessary expense. To read the blog post go to

See our New Year's Special below specifically geared to helping newly pregnant couples get started on the right track. Read some of the many great articles that seem to be flying through my inbox daily. If your New Year's resolution is involves improving your parenting in some way let us know about it, we'd love to share your ideas.

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Choices in Pregnancy, Birth and Baby Care
Helping you create a personal plan for the first through fourth trimesters.

Get answers to questions like:

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  • How do I choose a Pediatrician?
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  • How do I care for and feed my baby?
  • What classes should I take?
  • What Community resources exist?
  • Why does everyone tell me something different?
Join our team of Experienced team of Childbirth educators, doulas and breastfeeding counselors for this Seminar to help you navigate your pregnancy, birth and beyond.

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Location: Holistic Living Studio
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Cost: $15 a person or $25 per couple

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Also February 11th at OmniWell Center, Gibbsboro

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Also, Sunday, March 21st
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Aging well starts in womb, as mom's choices affect whole life By Liz Szabo, USA TODAY

Though adults still need to eat right and exercise, a growing number of studies now suggest the best time to fight the diseases of aging may be before babies are even born, says Peter Gluckman of the University of Auckland in New Zealand.

... getting good prenatal care, eating nutrient-packed vegetables and avoiding alcohol, tobacco and caffeine — may help her baby long after birth, Hanson says. Research into the "developmental origins of adult disease" suggests that healthy living may help her child avoid problems such as cancer, heart disease, depression and diabetes not just in childhood, but 50 years from now.

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Pregnancy guidelines reduce C-sections

HCA pushes for later elective deliveries, more healthy babies

By Christina E. Sanchez

Studies have shown that infants have a greater chance of spending their first days of life in the neonatal intensive care unit if delivered too soon because their brain and lungs may not be fully developed. The push for later elective deliveries had come after doctors were seeing too many women schedule their births between 34 and 36 weeks for convenience reasons.

HCA, a Nashville-based hospital company that handles about 5 percent of the nation's births each year, has seen drops in C-section rates, declines in premature births and low birth rates, and fewer birthing injuries to mother and baby since the plan was put in place.">March of Dimes recognized HCA's efforts as a model of safe practices at a national conference in October.

More hospitals, including Baptist Hospital and Vanderbilt in Nashville, strive to get women to the 39-week point for elective deliveries. Medical reasons can pre-empt that rule, and the decision is sometimes best made by doctor and patient.

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‘Voldemort’ approach failing mothers

ANU News

Formula feeding should be clearly named in research showing its potential health risks to babies, according to a new study.

The study, led by Dr Julie Smith from the Australian Centre for Economics Research on Health at The Australian National University, shows that researchers reporting poorer health among formula-fed children too often shy away from including a mention of formula feeding in their titles or summaries.

“Adopting the ‘Voldemort’ approach to describing the risks of formula feeding in published research harms the ability of physicians and other health professionals to support women, and reduces women’s ability to make informed choices.  If a mother seeks support and reassurance that continuing breastfeeding is worthwhile, such non committal research reporting means she may get non committal advice from health professionals, even though the evidence is clear that formula feeding disadvantages infant health.”

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