June 2009

A Happy Father's Day to all the South Jersey Dads. June was the start for our new Drop In Group. The first meeting was just me, the second meeting was me and one mom and baby, so we are starting to grow. Spread the word to all the new and pregnant moms you know to come join us. See the July dates below.

Do you have special fun places you like to take your baby in South Jersey in the Summer? Write and tell me about them for inclusion in the site. This summer is the 100th Anniversary of the Wildwood Baby Parade.

There seemed to be more great articles on pregnancy this month then on breastfeeding so I'm highlighting pregnancy below but if you or a mom you know has Multiple Sclerosis you should read this study on how not breastfeeding increases the risk of postpartum relapses.

Have a wonderful Summer! - Karen

Announcing a Drop In Group for New Mothers and Babies at Experience Yoga in Turnersville!

New moms have lots of questions.

Am I feeding my baby often enough? Am I feeding my baby too often? When will my baby sleep through the night? Will my baby sleep through the night? What are great or not so great baby products, activities, foods? How do other parents deal with _____?

Come share your questions and your answers with other area moms. Make friends, form play groups and spend some special time with other mothers and babies. Pregnant moms who want to get a head start are welcome too.

The group is facilitated by Karen Kurtz, an Internationally Board Certified Lactation consultant, but you don't have to be breastfeeding to attend.

A baby weigh scale will be available.

Cost: $4.00 a week. Pay as you come.
Location: Experience Yoga Studios on Route 42 in Turnersville, NJ - in the Kohl's Shopping Center.
Fridays - 1:30 -2:30 PM
Dates for July: July 10th, July 24th

Questions: Please contact Karen at 856-448-4666 or Contact Karen.

Please leave strollers and baby seats in the car if you can for space and safety.

Please thank Gregg at Experience Yoga for giving us this opportunity to use their lovely facility. Learn more about their special services for pregnant moms at

Class Highlights - Nutrition for Pregnancy, Breastfeeding and Baby.

Are you getting ready to breastfeed or know someone who is? Our Breastfeeding Basics and Breastfeeding Success classes help them avoid the problems that may arise in the early days, especially from poor advice.

This month's highlighted class reflects a growing passion of mine. For years Lactation Consultants and others told moms to eat their usual diet during breastfeeding unless the baby is having allergy related issues. Now we learn there are many ways to enhance breastfeeding by using foods that support and increase the milk supply.

Advice for feeding babies solid foods seems to keep changing in the literature, learn about time tested proven theories on what to feed your baby and how to improve you diet for the whole family.

Eating Right for Pregnancy, Breastfeeding and Life - Making healthy eating chooses now can impact your pregnancy and help prepare your body for a healthy birth and a healthy baby. Learn about simple healthy foods that have been used throughout history to make more breastmilk and prevent fussiness in babies. Find out ways to improve your diet for the whole family and continue the good eating habits your baby begins with breastfeeding.

For more information on these classes or any of our our classes go to our Breastfeeding Success Class Page.

Exercising in pregnancy boosts baby's IQ

4 May 2009, 0145 hrs IST, Sunday Times, London
Mothers who exercise during pregnancy are helping to boost their child’s IQ, according to research by American psychologists.

In a challenge to the conventional wisdom that intelligence is 80% inherited, Richard Nisbett, a psychologist and father of two, argues that recent findings point to a pivotal role for mothers. Fathers, whether absent or doting, have relatively little influence over their offspring’s intelligence.

In a new book, ‘Intelligence and How To Get It’, Nisbett highlights the important part the mother plays in shaping her children’s ability to learn and reason, starting shortly after conception. “Children whose mother exercised 30 minutes a day score around eight points higher on standard IQ tests than children whose mothers were more sedentary,” he said last week. “breastfeeding for up to nine months may increase IQ by as much as six points.”

Previous generations of mothers were encouraged to avoid doing much exercise after the first three months of pregnancy. The latest research suggests that using light weights, stretching and even running can be beneficial to some, though not all.

Official advice in Britain is that the more active and fit most women are during pregnancy, the more easily they will adapt to their changing shape and weight gain. It will also help them to cope with labour. “Exercising large muscle groups increases the growth of neurons and adds to the blood supply of the brain,” writes Nisbett. Exercise and breastfeeding combined, he says, will raise a typical child’s IQ to about 114, 14 points above average.
Read the full story

Healthy Pregnancy Articles

There have been a lot of articles and news about childbirth this month. Here are some links.

Docs shouldn’t induce labour unnecessarily: pregnancy experts

By Sharon Kirkey, Canwest News ServiceJune 14, 2009

Is the Cord Around the Baby's Neck Really Dangerous?

AC.PL.byline May 19, 2008 by Misha Safranski

ICAN of NJ providing Cesarean Awareness and VBAC Support in New Jersey has a new Web Site.

PBS ran a story on Water Birth at The Birth Center in Wilmington, DE.

If you are seeking safe, healthy options in Childbirth make sure to read our article on pregnancy.


Looking for Articles and Suggestions for Great Links

South Jersey Babies is a site designed to fill a niche for those looking for healthy, holistic ways to raise their Southern New Jersey baby. Added this month is a section on Beyond South Jersey covering other parts of New Jersey and other web sites that link to us.

With our articles focusing on Healthy Birth this month, if you are giving birth soon consider independent childbirth classes and hiring a doula from the Better Birth Network. Robbi and Jodi will help you to meet your goals for your healthy pregnancy and birth.


If you have more ideas for links or would like to write an article for us, please email me.



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