March 2010

If you are a fan of South Jersey Babies on Facebook you already know that this newsletter will include so links for safe babywearing. There have been several incidents where babies have died while being worn in at Infantino brand carrier, this is a bag style carrier where the baby is worn low, near the parents hips. Babywearing is a wonderful way to nurture your baby and a safe sling/wrap is a much healthier place for a baby to be then in an infant seat or car seat. A good sling/wrap also saves lots of strain on a parent's back. Like any product that you use with your child knowing the proper use is vital. Please don't let the news stories scare you away from wearing your baby, check out the links below and see pictures and videos which teach proper, safe, healthy baby wearing.

On a positive note, Spring is starting to spring and it's a great time to get out of doors and get some fresh air and sunshine on your and your baby. Meet up with some other moms from La Leche League, Holistic Moms or your play group at a local park weekly or more to get out and share the joys and frustrations of parenthood. Last week in the car with my 17 year old I was discussing some of my thoughts and concerns about some of the lessons we had taught him and his siblings and how they were being or not being applied. He said to me, "being a parent is a really hard job". Yeah! It's great when they start to get it, I know that someday they will be ready to be good parents too and it makes our hard job worth the effort.


Here are lots of resources for the do's and don'ts of baby wearing. I bought my sling many years ago from someone in my La Leche League group. Every month I would go back to the meetings and ask for the best positions for my growing baby. Mothers have always learned to babywear from other mothers, just another reason to head out to your local mom's group.

Blog with Great Babywearing Pictures and Safety Tips

Here's the video I posted on the Facebook Group

A Web Site with Lots of General Info. About Baby Wearing

Good News

Breastfeeding Helps Mom Stay Slimmer Later in Life

FRIDAY, March 5 (HealthDay News) -- The benefits of breast-feeding for infants are numerous and well-known, but researchers are finding more and more that breast-feeding can be a boon to mom's health as well.

In fact, the latest study on the subject suggests that women who breast-feed have reduced amounts of abdominal fat, even decades later.

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Returning to Work

Ever thought about bringing your baby with you?

I am also looking for local companies that want to learn about the benefits of providing pumping spaces and other lactation services to their employees. These are benefits that have been proven to be profitable to companies in reduced absenteeism by employees, reduced health care costs, lower turnover and more. Learn more.

Skin Care Safety

While we are on the topic of product safety I recently learned that there are lots of companies making products for mom's nipples. There is little reason to use any cream on your nipples, as they are self cleaned and lubricated by secretions from your Montgomery Glands (those little brown bumps around your breasts) but if you feel the need of a cream check out this safety information. This site also has great information on all types of cosmetic products for you and your family, including sun blocks, shampoos and more. If you need a preparation to heal sore nipples for more then a few days you need to give your lactation consultant a call. Pain is a sign of a problem that should be fixed not soothed.

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