November 2009

This past year I have spent starting and trying to grow a my business providing much needed personal Lactation Services to assist families in Southern New Jersey.  Officially opening for business on January 1st 2009 a tough year to start a business.  Economic uncertainty has been the theme of everything we do these days but I thank the many who realized that breastfeeding is not only the ideal way to nourish their baby but a smart economic decision. 

As I enter my second year of business I strive to help new families understand that my services are more valuable then ever.  Not breastfeeding costs $1500 -$3000 in the babies first year of life just to purchase artificial baby milk formulas.  That doesn't include the costs of bottles, nipples, sterilization, lost days of work when baby is sick and more.   Reduced doctors visits, hospitalizations and a life time of optimal physical and mental health for mother, baby and the whole family can not even begin to be valued. 

Another big stress has been notable in people’s lives this year, as we are bombarded with stories of  “Pandemic Illnesses”.  Breastfeeding again remains the best protection for venerable newborns against any viral illness and affords them the strongest possible immune system for a life time.

Many families can Breastfeed Successfully with out any help or with just a little support from on-line and other free community services. There are so many other families that these channels are not enough for. Many women these days are dealing with health issues, infertility, premature babies and breastfeeding after some type of breast surgery; issues that would never have arisen for their great grandmothers.  Even those having none of those complicating factors are faced with medicalized births, unknowledgeable health care professionals and family or friends who are telling them it is "fine to just give a bottle". Often at that point parents in their frustration give up or if they do call a Lactation Consultant they have a long road to fix things just when things should be getting easier and more enjoyable. This is why I encourage all families to take one or more of my independent  Breastfeeding Classes before their baby comes.  I also encourage them to take an independent child birth class.  If it is too late for these steps and the baby is here an in-home consultation can fix problems or just give them the reassurance and information to go on successfully with breastfeeding for as long as they desire.

There are two things I am told regularly.  Parents with older children tell me, ” I wish I had know your when I was trying to breastfeed.”  Clients with new babies tell me, "You have given me the piece of mind that things can and will go well.”

I wish you and your family joy as you celebrate in this season of Holidays and a wonderful year in 2010.

Below you will find some special offers for Gift Certificates I am offering in honor of my 1st Anniversary in Business  that  make great Holiday or Baby Shower gifts for loved ones who are expecting babies in the coming year.


In honor of our January 1st One Year Anniversary we are running some Holiday Season Specials
now through January 31st 2010.

All Gift Certificates will be mailed to your billing address or the address of your choice after payment is received.

Purchase a $25.00 Gift Certificate that can be used for any of our Scheduled Group Classes (a $30 value) or $25.00 off any of our other services. With your purchase you will receive a second $5.00 gift certificate FREE to be used toward any of our services.  The $5.00 gift certificate makes a great Holiday card insert for pregnant women during the Holiday season or any other time.

Purchase a $125.00 Gift Certificate good for a postpartum in home consult or private in home class (within 25 miles of Turnersville, NJ) and receive a FREE $25.00 gift certificate for a Schedule Group Class or to be applied toward any other of our services. 

To order these Specials or a Gift Certificate for Breastfeeding Success in the denomination of your choice go to:

Breastfeeding Success Classes

Breastfeeding Basics and Breastfeeding Successfully Classes are now being scheduled every other mouth at our Mullica Hill and Gibbsboro locations. Other times and options are available.

Sunday, November 15th - 5:30 Breastfeeding Basics - 7:30 Breastfeeding Success. At our new class location OmniWell Center on 561 in Gibbsboro, NJ. Convenient to Cherry Hill, Marlton, Voorhees and more.

Thursday, December 3 at Integrated Wellness Partners in Mullica Hill. 6:00 Breastfeeding Basics - 8:00 Breastfeeding Success.

Avoiding Holiday Weaning

What is holiday weaning? Holiday weaning is when a baby weans due to the distraction and celebration of a holiday or other special event. There may be visitors from out of town or maybe you and your family are on vacation. Either way, there’s plenty of people, attention, and distraction to keep mother and baby apart. Next thing you know, baby hasn’t breastfed all day or maybe even all weekend.

Visit this blog from LLL of Sandy to learn more and how to avoid falling into this dilemma


Every Month we try to link to articles from the latest research and news on Pregnancy and Breastfeeding, like the one below..

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What do I Say?...

The Holiday season brings up another topic. Often families are visiting from far away and it is their first chance to see and comment on how you are raising your baby/children. We all know the stress this can bring, instead of sharing the joy of a growing family feelings can be hurt, doubts can be raised and celebrations can loose the special memories you are trying to build. Being prepared can help.

Role play with your friends or partners and find great phrases to diffuse situations before they arise. Think of how you prepare for a job interview, trying to anticipate what may be asked.

Some great diffusing phases I have learned are:

  • We are working on weaning. This is great when questioned about nursing an older baby or child -once anything other then breastmilk is introduced around 6 mo. weaning has started (it could take years but that is not important here.
  • Our doctor said this is what we should do (doesn't matter what he/she said or if you didn't ask).
  • We appreciate your concern, this is what is right for our family". Then change the subject.

Canadian Home Birth Study Finds Home Birth As Safe or Safer Than Hospital Birth

By Jennifer Margulis

A study by Canadian researchers published in the September 2009 issue of the Canadian Medical Association Journal (CMAJ) concludes that planned home births with a midwife in attendance have comparable or better outcomes than hospital births in British Columbia, a province of Canada with some 4.4 million inhabitants.

The researchers studied over 2,800 planned home births attended by the same group of registered midwives over a 4-year period.

They found that women who planned home births had lower rates of invasive and negative interventions than women who had planned hospital births, whether the hospital births were attended by a midwife or a doctor.

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