October 2009

October is upon us and lots of talk about cold and flu. Everyday the advice and information seems to change. The one piece that is not changing is that breastfeeding is the recommended way to protect babies and build their immune system for a lifetime and good health. Also, support of our own immune system goes a long way in keeping us healthy. Since South Jersey Babies is dedicated to healthy and holistic ways to raise babies it is a good starting place to find good holistic caregivers. I have a few recommendations of products below that have served my family well in cold/flu season, I have no commercial interest in these products but I do tell people about them all the time, so now I want to share them with you.

I have not had a chance to blog for a while, but I just added a new entery on "Baby Gadgets" and parents fears.

I have held off on the newsletter this month as I developed new class schedules. I am still running my Fall specials on classes. Next month watch for a special offer on Gift Certificates for the Holidays.

Moms spend months thinking about and preparing for birth which is a good idea, but it is something that lasts for hours. Many moms forget to prepare for breastfeeding which lasts months or years. What happens in the first few days of can really set the course for breastfeeding, from "smooth sailing" to "rough seas with a new challenge over each wave", so encouage pregnant moms you know to get educated and feel confident going into breastfeeding.


Some Favorite Holistic Cold Care Products

I found this first product in an unusual way, or maybe not so unusual. Chinaberry Books is an amazing catolog for books, games, audio books for children and more. They often throw in a few unrelated but favorite products, this was one of them. Instead of trying to describe Aromabar I will link you to Chinaberry's description and you can check it out there, you can buy it other places as well but if you need some great books or gifts support this family run company. I knew this product worked the first year when I had two and had to keep moving them between our three bedrooms to see that we all got some sleep when colds hit the family.

The other product that has really help us is Umcka by Nature's Way. I first bought it in Whole Foods when my son had a cough that wouldn't quit. I asked the saleperson for some help, she said "try this, my daugther who doesn't believe in natural remedies, swears by this". It knocked out the cough and now we use it to try and ward off the colds, if we can't to shorten them. You do need to really follow the directions and not skip doses for it to be effective.

and thougths about medications and breastfeeding

While we are on the subject of illnesses and medications, I just need to throw in this reminder. I am finding more and more doctors who are telling mothers you can't breastfeed while taking medications that are proven to have little risk to the nursing baby. If you are breastfeeding and are told not to take a medication or pump and dump your milk while you are taking a certain medication, do some research on your own. This is a site where you can start or call you lactation consultant and let them provide you with infomation that allows for an intellegent discussion with your doctor.

Breastfeeding Success Classes - Fall Specials

I am repeating the specials from last month and expanding our class locations. See dates and new location below.

Group Classes - Receive $5.00 off any of our group classes or register with a friend and both receive $10 off the single class price. That makes either Breastfeeding Basics or Breastfeeding Success just $20-$25 a couple. You must register by October 31st to take advantage of this offer. A number of classes have been scheduled already, more will be soon. Visit our schedule page if you don't see something that's right for you fill out our contact form or call and we will see what we can set up.

Our other special is on a "private class plus", in your home. Sign up now and receive a Private Class of 1 1/2 hours geared toward your needs and questions. Includes the material from Breastfeeding Basics and Breastfeeding Successfully. In addition you will receive a private review of your history to look for risk factors to Breastfeeding Success and discuss recommendations for your specific situations. Also included a $10 gift certificate toward the purchase of any of our recommended Breastfeeding / Parenting Books or any of our other services (except our special offers) for you and a friend. The cost of this "private class plus" for you and a partner is $95 if you sign up before October 31st. Fill out our contact form or call to set up your class..

Give a call and find out about our gift certificates 856-448-4666.

Sunday, November 15th - 5:30 Breastfeeding Basics - 7:30 Breastfeeding Success. At our new class location.OmniWellCenter on 561 in Gibbsboro, NJ. Convenent to Cherry Hill, Marlton, Voorhees and more.

Thursday, December 3 at Integrated Wellness Partners in Mullica Hill. 6:00 Breastfeeding Basics - 8:00 Breastfeeding Success.

Pick Your Own in the Fall

Following up on last months Museum tips I thought I'd remind you that this is a great time of year to take your kids picking. You can pick apples, pumpkins, dig your own mums and more. The summer heat is gone and most of the bugs so it can be a relaxing adventure that creates great memories.

Find some local farms here:

Memory Keeper Photography, one of our South Jersey Babies featured businesses has a new home in Carney's Point, NJ.

Memory Keeper Photography has opened it's doors to the new studio located at 150B Virginia Ave, in Carneys Point. Memory Keeper Photography specializes in maternity, newborn and children's photography, as well as weddings and events. Book your Holiday photo sessions in October and receive 20% off until December 30th. For more information please call Maureen at 856-466-9166 or visit

UQ research finds breastfeeding stops neglect

When a mother breastfeeds she is essentially protecting her child from herself, according to UQ researcher and developmental paediatrician, Dr Lane Strathearn.

By linking data from the Mater-University of Queensland Study of Pregnancy - Australia's largest longitudinal study tracking mothers and their children - with reports of maltreatment recorded by the Department of Child Safety, Dr Strathearn found mothers who breastfed were less likely to neglect their children.

"Mothers who didn't breastfeed were almost four times more likely to be reported for maternal neglect than mothers who breastfed for four of more months," he said.

Read the Full Story

Having a Baby: Exercise May Reduce Need for an Epidural

In addition to its other well-known benefits, exercise during pregnancy may help women reduce the need for anesthesia when they give birth, a small study has found.

Read the Details


New WIC Food Package provide Healthier Mix and Greater Benefits for Breastfeeding Moms and Babies

Here is a link to one of the news stories on the roll out of the new WIC food packages.

If you or someone you know qualifies for WIC and you didn't think the old foods met your families needs check out what is new. WIC serves pregnant women, breastfeeding women and children up to age 5. To learn more about qualifying or about WIC and WIC foods click here.

This is not a new article but it was sent to me recently by a colleague. If you know anyone who is suffering with Post Partum Depression it is a great source of information.

A new paradigm for depression in new mothers: the central role of inflammation and how breastfeeding and anti-inflammatory treatments protect maternal mental health




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